On Sept. 15, my mother, Ruth Davis Costa, was honored by the City Council for her 100th birthday, thanks to Councilwoman Naomi Carney.

While this was supposed to be an honorable and celebratory time, it was marred by what I perceived to be a disrespectful decision by Councilman Henry Bousquet.

Because of my mother's age and ability to stay up past a certain hour, Ms. Carney asked Mr. Bousquet if he would yield his first spot on the agenda and allow this 100-year-old woman to go first, as the other members of the council had done, but he wouldn't. I am ashamed to admit that he represents New Bedford, let alone the elderly.

The elderly paved the way for people like Mr. Bousquet to sit in the New Bedford City Council chambers. It's ironic that my mother did her civic duty and volunteered for the election commission for many years.

Jeanne Costa

New Bedford