SWANSEA — The Conservation Commission has continued to require that new subdivisions with detention or retention ponds, include neighborhood associations to maintain the ponds.

Last Monday, the commission upheld it requirement that the subdivisions' ponds be maintained by the property owners. The creation of a neighborhood association that contributes to maintaining the ponds is one avenue that is recommended.

Town Administrator John McAuliffe and the Director of Highway Services and Engineering Alan Corvi attended the meeting.

"Alan and I are in agreement that the stormwater system management would not be done by the town considering the amount of time and the complexity," McAuliffe said.

Conservation Commission Agent Colleen Brown noted that Corvi's position is that the that he did not have the manpower to maintain all of the ponds in the various subdivisions, that continue to increase in number.

"We have over 50 ponds," Brown said, "Most of them are detention ponds."

Retention ponds are created to hold the water on the property and have it drain naturally into the ground. the detention ponds are created to allow the water to drain out in a controlled manner into as part of a stormwater system.

The developer of the eight lot Hidden Woods subdivision off Wood Street, was the latest to seek a waiver on requiring a homeowners association.

Brown noted that the cost for each household to contribute to the maintenance of the pond would be approximately $100 a year. She added that other subdivisions contributions may vary depending on the number of homes in the subdivision or the size of the pond.

"They would be expected to clear the pipes, mow the sides and maybe every 10 years, to dig out the bottom so the capacity of the pond can continue," Brown said.