SWANSEA — The Recreation Commission members discussed policy as the summer program season has begun, during its meeting held last Tuesday at the Police Headquarters Community Room.

Commission members Chairwoman Katie Grillo, Heather Woodruff and Kevin Wery met along with Assistant Summer Program Director Cynthia Schiff, to discuss the start of the program and policy going forward.

One of the main topics involved the staff t-shirts and when they were to be worn.

Chairwoman Grillo felt that the staff shirts should be worn every day. Each counselor has two shirts and there was some discussion that they could use a shirt from the previous year. The shirts identify them as being with the program.

The chairwoman felt that the public should be aware that there are counselors with the children.

"When people drive by they should be able to see that they (the children) are being supervised," Chairwoman Grillo said.

There is currently a staff of 20 including the Director Michael Silva and the assistant director.

Woodruff felt that there could be allowances made during special dress `Spirit Days' and suggested that the counselors wear lanyards identifying them as counselors.

The chairwoman and Wery agreed. All agreed that the counselors would wear the staff shirts whenever they are on field trips with the youths, who are also required to wear the Swansea Recreation shirts for easy identification.

Recognizing that the shirts would be washed on a regular basis, and that they have only two for each counselor, the commission would allow for a previous year's shirt be worn if the counselor is returning. However, the field trips would require that the shirts be this year's, purple color shirt.

The commissioners agreed that the policy should be evaluated going forward.

The commission also voted to hire Sophia Silveira as a counselor, to fill a position that had opened. They now have 18 counselors for 125 youths who have signed up.