BOSTON — Chanting "enough is enough," students from around the state rallied Wednesday in front of the Statehouse and then passed through metal detectors to bring their message about gun violence inside the capitol.

The students are calling for stricter gun access laws in the state and around the country following mass murders.

"We have a voice," said Eloise Botka, a 17-year-old from Cambridge, who said she wants the message for stricter gun laws to be heard outside of Massachusetts.

Josh Levine, a 17-year-old from Sharon, said school was canceled Wednesday because of the snow and he expects hundreds more students to participate in a walkout on Thursday.

Elizabeth Pine, 19, an Emerson College student, said she was inspired to attend after learning that her brother Carl, an eighth-grader, had participated in a similar event in their hometown of Bellingham, Washington.

Saying she looked forward to voting, Pine added that a college friend knew someone affected by the mass shooting at a Parkland, Florida, high school. "That was really personally impactful," she told the News Service.

Pine's friend, 19-year-old Nahaira Morales, said elected officials need to hear the message that's being sent. "It doesn't matter what age we are," said Morales, who is from Orlando, Fla.