Billions of people watched the Royal Wedding yesterday. And, yes, I was one of them.

I got up at a sinfully early hour — at a time when I’ve been known to go to sleep — and tuned in to see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot.

At least that was the plan. My plan, not theirs. Given my column deadline, I (full disclosure) was writing this Friday night before the Big Day. But I had every intention of rising at the crack of dawn to catch the wedding and pre-game.

While I presume I did just that, I can’t guarantee it 100 percent. And I definitely don’t want any Fake News here, y’know?

As for Harry and Meghan, I’m sure they got married. How could they not when the Eyes of the World were upon them?

Which begs the question: Why do we care? Why did we want to watch?

That fact is, a lot of us here on SouthCoast were apparently glued to the tube. At week’s end, I took an informal poll on my Facebook page and the vast majority of my FB friends who responded (and there were dozens) said they couldn’t wait for the wedding.

Several said they’d be drinking tea (Earl Grey, of course) and munching on crumpets during the ceremony. A couple said they’d even bought hats for the occasion … so veddy, veddy British.

Granted, a few said they had much better things to do with their time (they didn’t say what), but the overall sentiment was most wouldn’t miss it.

So what was the draw? Since I didn’t specifically ask that question, I can only answer for me.

Truth is I’m not sure. For starters, I’m not impressed by celebrity or wealth. Or Royalty. As a little girl, I never dreamed of being a princess. As an adult, I’ve absolutely never wanted to be one.

The thought of living my life in a fishbowl existence isn’t the least bit appealing, no matter how much money comes with it.

And having to swallow my opinions (or worse, give up my jeans and Red Sox hoodies) to follow proper protocol is a price I couldn’t pay.

Still, there’s something compelling about watching others do it on a glittering international stage. Especially when they’re an attractive couple like Meghan and Harry who do a lot of good humanitarian and charitable works and seem genuinely in love. It’s hard not to root for them.

But, in the end, I think, what it comes down to for me is pure escapism, a chance to curl up in my jammies with a cuppa (in my case, black coffee) and maybe a muffin (English, in honor of the day.)

And, for a few hours, at least, put aside all the Bad News of 2018 — and hope, even briefly, that there really could be a Happily Ever After.