It’s great to see Trump, obviously not a regular church-goer, spending so much time in church these days: three different churches — coincidentally, all African-American churches — visited in three different states in relatively short order. Oh, how he dutifully obeys his handlers as to what he needs to do in this presidential race.  In that he has made light of his supposed “Christian walk” (In his own words, when asked if he ever took Communion, his response was, “Yeah, I took a little bit of the juice and cracker,” and recently asked if he has ever asked for God’s forgiveness, his response was, “No, I don’t think so”), it is mind-boggling how any Christian can support this man.  I certainly can’t.

The problem here is, as he always does, he is lying about being Christian when he obviously is not, just to get the votes, and, in this case, just to get the African-American vote. The debates would do well to include fact-checking. He would be stopped at every turn. We Americans are looking to hear truth, not a continuous pack of lies, and deserve no less. The debates are not a game show. Let us not allow him to continue to perform as a circus barker.

And how can veterans support him? He first insults John McCain, a hero in every sense of the word. Trump’s response? “He’s not a hero. He was captured. I like heroes who weren’t captured.” He then proceeds to lie about having given so much money to veterans’ causes, only to have his lies uncovered, and begins to write checks only after The Washington Post published a story that pointed him out to be the liar he is.    

Last, but certainly not least (we know there is so much more to come), millions of Americans’ suspicions about his taxes would be quelled if only he would release them. Knowing this, yet continuing to fail to release his taxes, he certainly must have a great deal to hide and simply cannot afford the public learning about it. So much wrongdoing by the Trump Foundation has already been uncovered by the New York Attorney General’s Office and it appears that they continue to uncover more.

So, Donald, just release your taxes. As you inquired in your insult to African-Americans, in your own words, “What do you have to lose? What the hell do you have to lose?” 

John Pires lives in New Bedford.