I must respond to the recent "fake news" letter concerning violence being encouraged by the left "Your View: Blame the left for political violence/" June 22).

As usual, we must take selective amnesia into consideration: It was then-candidate Trump encouraging his audiences to commit violent acts against dissenters at his campaign rallies, endorsing Second Amendment action against Hillary Clinton, on and on.

As for the recent shooting of the Republican congressional member in Virginia, that had absolutely nothing to do with the left. The mere fact he endorsed Bernie Sanders was of his choosing not being egged on by any candidate. That being said, aside from the fact that Trump is making a mockery of the Office of the President of the United States and embarrassing us nationally and internationally.

I don't recall Joe Biden, Barack Obama, or Hillary Clinton for that matter, endorsing violence of any kind — either before, during or after the election. Republican/conservative selective amnesia rears its ugly head once again. #Sad!

David Walker