MIDDLEBORO — As her 104th birthday approached, staff at the Hannah B.G. Shaw Home thought of ways that Elizabeth (Betty) Bonney would be celebrated this year.

Edward Overby, a nurse at the Shaw Home had decided to write to the Red Sox, Betty’s favorite team for as long as she could remember, to ask for something special for a fan that had cheered them on for nearly a century. Fenway Ambassador Zack Gulinello quickly responded with a special fan package sent to Betty as thanks for being a big fan of the team. 

In her youth, Betty watched games played by Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. Even today, she remains a steadfast and loyal fan. Betty’s eyes sparkle with excitement watching Red Sox games on television. Betty felt honored to receive this auspicious package from the Red Sox Ambassador. 

In the package was a letter of appreciation for her dedication to cheering on the team along with other treasures like an autographed photo of Red Sox Pitcher Steven Wright, a collection of Red Sox items, but best of all was a special piece of Fenway Park - a small bundle of dirt swept off of Fenway’s home plate.

“She has been chatting with everyone about her special package ever since receiving it,” stated Receptionist, Mary Ellen Walker. Betty plans to treasure her memorabilia by preserving the items. 

Betty also shared her secret to reaching 104 years old, “Get outside and enjoy yourself,” she stated with an exuberant smile.